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CBD Oil Marches Into Mainstream Fueled By Coffee

CBD oilWe’ve gotten used to products infused with CBD Oil. The rest of the world is catching up as companies experiment with such infusions for coffee and other treats.

That’s definitely happening in Burlington, Vermont, the Burlington Free Press reports:

Already awash with options, Java-swillers and tea-lovers in Burlington are increasingly topping up their cups with CBD, or cannabidiol, purveyors say.

The fuel additive is a legal, no-high hemp derivative that typically raises a café tab by about $2.50.

Enthusiasts have voted with their wallets, said Dan Smith of Cosmic Grind on Church Street: “CBD sells itself.”

Stirred, foamed, dolloped or steeped, CDB transforms the buzz of caffeine into something a tad more mellow, Smith said.

“Functional chill” is how California-based KickBack Cold Brew describes the nuanced effects from its coffee-CBD combo.

Not everyone, though, wants to mix coffee with CBD Oil.

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