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Blue Moon Hemp – What’s The Word On The Street

Blue Moon Hemp has been carving out it’s place in the CBD world with incredible products, providing amazing benefits for their clients! So what’s the word on the street? A recent LinkedIn user had something to say:

“Hi Phil, LOVE THIS STUFF! I’ve been using it mostly externally for pain and muscle/ligamentous issues along with adjustments and the results have been amazing. I had a pain in my leg/foot from a previous injury, put on tincture and adjusted my foot and then one more application and pain is gone. Same thing with my shoulder which the other day I strained and through I wouldnt be able to go bowling the next day, but two applications (along with an adjustment) I had no pain and was able to bowl. I’ve also used it on several patients, 2 that had long term thumb issues, one about to get surgery she walked out of the clinic wanting to give a testimonial. I will be ordering more. Thanks for approaching me! In regards to my daughter, she hasnt had any more seizures but we don’t know yet the effect on her cuz she had been seizure free for a month prior.”

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