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What’s In A Name? CBD Terminology Demystified

The CBD community seems to have a language of its own; one that can be very confusing for new consumers. Oils, tinctures, concentrates, shatters – each has a different delivery system and concentration. It is important to learn the lingo if you wish to delve and this article will help demystify CBD terminology, making it easier to understand what you are searching for.

Top Methods For Taking CBD

We have broken down the top methods of CBD into the following list –

  • Vaping (Smoking)
    Tinctures and Concentrates (Oral)
    Capsules (Swallowed)
    Topical (Creams/Lotions)
    Sprays (Oral)

A Breakdown Of Each Method

Vaping – Vaping requires the use of a special device and the market is flooded with all different manner of shapes, sizes, and delivery systems. It is important to do your homework if you chose to vape because, if you purchase a poor product, your frustration level with the process might make you decide not proceed. The type of device is completely dependent on your needs. Devices can be broken down into three main categories: minis (or e-cigarettes), vape pens, and mods. Let’s look at each type and what they do –

A. Minis or E Cigarettes – Compact and convenient, minis closely resemble a cigarette and are also known as “cig-a-likes”. ECigs are generally the first device a person tries when they break into the market for the first time. Discreet and portable, e-cigs are perfect for those new to the market.

Positives: Discreet, very portable, feels most like a real cigarette

Negatives: Do not hold as much ‘juice’, short battery life, may not be as satisfying for heavy smokers

B. Vape Pens – About the size of a cigar, vape pens are a larger version of an e-cigarette. These are popular for those who want more control over their vaping experience and are not as concerned with discretion. Vape pens are more complicated than e-cigarettes and consist of a tank (holds the ‘juice’), and a coil (heats the ‘juice’), and a button (to turn the device on to deliver the ‘juice’). They are also rechargeable but hold a charge much longer than the minis. Vape pens also deliver higher nicotine concentration so these are a great option for heavier smokers. Some models also come with variable air flow mechanisms, which increase or decrease, the amount of air coming into the tank (thus the amount of product received).

Positives: Produces more vapor and delivers more nicotine, holds a charge for longer periods, variable air flow devices gives you the option to change the amount of vapor you receive.

Negatives: Unlike e-cigarettes, a button must be pushed in to ignite the coil. With e-cigs, one simply smokes it like a ‘real’ cigarette.

C. Mods – Modifiable Devices, Mods for short, provide the most customized vaping experience. Essentially mods are a customizable, ‘do-it-yourself’ device. Typically, these include a much larger battery (typically 3.7 volt lithium ion) thus an overall much larger device. Mods come in either a tube shape, like the vape pen design, or a box shape, with the dimensions of a pack of cigarettes. They also tend to be much more expensive than the other options and are best for experienced vapers due to their complexity. Additional options include voltage control, tank customization as well as liquid capacity, temperature control, plus many additional features. Mod users are typically people who love to customize things and an entire ‘subculture’ of mod users have spring up in this area of vaping.

Positives: Extreme customization, the fun of creating a personalized product, transformation of the smoking experience into a more complex process

Negatives: NOT for beginners (as a general rule), mods are bulky and cumbersome (which means they won’t fit well in a petite handbag), a complex process that isn’t for the casual vaper

2. Tinctures and Concentrates – Tinctures are an oral use product which come in an eyedrop bottle and is typically placed under the tongue for the best result. Tinctures are also considered the purest application of CBD oils. Holding the tincture under the tongue (sublingually) as long as possible gives the best result as the fine capillaries under the tongue will rapidly pick up the oil and distribute it to the body. Dosages range from 100-1,000 mg so you need to do some research to find the right dosage for you and your condition.
Concentrates contain the highest dosages of CBD available and can contain up to 10 times the concentration of other CBD products. Concentrates come in a syringe form and are consumed by the same method as tinctures.
Shatter is another highly concentrated form of CBD oil and Blue Moon Hemp uses a proprietary technique to purify the CBD, rendering it nearly flawless in its purity – 99.6% pure CBD oil. Most companies shatter products come in at only 90% pure. Shattered CBD is a process by which the CBD oil is run through a special processing procedure which creates a honey-like product which, when cold, has the consistency of glass. When warm, more like gooey honey. A special device, called a “rig”, is typically necessary to smoke the shattered oil and these can be quite pricey.

Positives: Pure, concentrated oil, rapid dissemination in the body, tinctures come in a wide array of flavors. Blue Moon CBD shatter is 99.6% pure – some of the highest available

Negatives: Concentrates can look intimidating as they come in a syringe and can be messy, concentrates are unflavored. Shatter is more expensive than oils and can be a bit messy when warm. The special devices for smoking shatter can be expensive as well

3. Capsules – The encapsulated format of CBD oil is just like taking a vitamin supplement and is very convenient and discreet to take anytime and anywhere. Capsules typically supply 10-25mg of CBD to the body. You can even order you own empty capsules and fill them yourself. Since each capsule contains the same amount of CBD, it is easy to keep a record of how much you are taking, just like your other medications. Capsules are also convenient for those who might be too ill to take the oil in any other form.

Positives: Discreet, easy to track dosages (if you are ordering).

Negatives: Difficult to “tweak” (unless you make your own capsules). Might need supplementation with tincture, low concentrations of CBD (unless you make your own)

4. Topicals – Lotions, balms, salves, etc., CBD topicals have been shown to ease chronic pain, inflammation, acne, psoriasis, cancer treatment, anti-aging, and much more. If you use topicals, look for the words ‘nanotechnology’, ‘encapsulation’, or ‘micellization’ of CBD. These are methods of processing which allow for the CBD to penetrate skin’s layers with greater ease. Use as you would any body cream – per label instructions. If you look online for homemade skin care, one can easily create their own CBD oil lotions but they may not penetrate as well as those mentioned above, which utilize more complex processes.

Positives: Easy to use, portability, non-greasy

Negatives: Larger containers may need some of the contents to be transferred to smaller bottles for portability

5. Sprays – Sprays are another oral option for taking CBD oil. However, sprays tend to contain the weakest concentrations of product, ranging from one to three milligrams. However, ease of use might make this an option for travel, especially in cars or planes, as tinctures might be too cumbersome to use in some situations.

Positives: Extreme portability, easy to use

Negatives: Lowest doses of CBD oil, difficult to measure the exact dosage you are taking everyday (if this is important to your supplement regimen)

Blue Moon Hemp is America’s most trusted name in Pharmaceutical Grade CBD products. Legal in all 50 states; delivered right to your door. We carry every product you need for your CBD needs, from vaping juices to creams and salves, and even gums to chew on the go. We even carry CBD in a crystalline form to add to your favorite foods and smoothies. Check us out on our homepage Blue Moon Hemp.

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