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Target takes a dip in CBD before backing off

CBD OilTarget tried CBD and didn’t like it.

The giant retailer on its website briefly pitched products from CW Hemp’s Charlotte’s Web containing cannabidiol-rich oil. But the experiment didn’t last.

“We started carrying Charlotte’s Web hemp extract items last week on Target.com. After further review, we have decided to remove it from our assortment,” Kate Decker, a Target spokeswoman, said.

CBD, derived from hemp, doesn’t contain THC, the compound in marijuana that gets you high. But Target’s decision to pull the products leaves many wondering if the retailer removed it after complaints.

Joseph Misulonas at Civilized writes:

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any other information on the situation. Target put the products on their website on purpose, not as an accident. And then as soon as people noticed they were on the site, they decided to remove them. What’s the point of putting a product on your website if you’re going to remove it as soon as people find out about it? Wouldn’t people finding out about it be exactly what you want?

Perhaps Target didn’t think the CBD oils would be a big deal when they put it on their site. Or maybe they received some sort of complaint or legal notice. Who knows? All we know is for a second Target looked like they were a progressive retailer about to take advantage of an emerging market, and now they’re back to being just another boring chain.

CBD, as we point out here, is made from the stalks and seeds of industrial hemp plants especially bred to contain high concentrations of Cannabinoid – Cannabidiol. It is not psychoactive. You can’t get high using it. But it does have beneficial effects.

Studies show that CBD can  treat epilepsy, schizophrenia, heart disease and cancer.

“Its safety and lack of psychoactivity undermines any argument that it should be illegal. It’s really shifted the national discussion on this issue,” Martin Lee, the director of Project CBD, told the Washington Post last year.

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